From the kampongs of the 1960s to the HDB flats of today, the living environment in Singapore has undergone significant changes. Walking around the homes built of steel and concrete, you may encounter a family of sea otters from the nearby river, or be surprised by a wild boar that has wandered into a shopping mall.

The once benign mosquitoes now pose a greater threat as carriers of Dengue virus, inflicting excruciating pain on victims.

  1. 核心通货膨胀Ordering Add-ons During Inflation Is A Head-turner


    As Singapore's core inflation surged to 5.5% in January 2023, hawker food prices followed suit, prompting people to be more selective with their meals and prioritize saving.

  2. 新加坡野生动物Singapore's Blog-worthy Wildlife


    Singapore embraces wildlife with inclusive policies. Otters, monkeys, wild boars, pheasants, hornbills, crows, and pythons reside on the island nation, each with its own intriguing narrative.

  3. 海平面升高威胁Singapore’s Fight Against Rising Sea Level


    To prevent seawater inundation when sea levels rise, some roads by the coastline, such as Nicoll Drive and parts of Changi Coast Road, have been elevated by 0.5 to 0.8 metres.

  4. 居家办公Work From Home


    Amidst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became commonplace. Couples faced the challenge of working together in the same environment, accommodating each other's habits and routines.

  5. “治水”之计,惟有越建越高!Building Flood-Proof Skyscrapers


    Building taller buildings alone is the answer to combat floods?

  6. 阿窿骚扰Loan Shark Harrassment


    Find the right address! Loan shark harassment can occur when innocent individuals' addresses are fraudulently used for borrowing money.

    This happens if the borrower moved and did not update his residential address or a neighbour defaulted on a loan, and loan sharks target nearby residents as a pressure tactic.

  7. 居家办公设备Work From Home Facility


    An all-in-one work station! Working from home during the pandemic posed challenges for individuals responsible for childcare, cooking, and housework alongside their work duties.

  8. 多多博彩下注方式改变TOTO Game Rules


    Since October 7, 2014, Toto's game features a minimum bet of $1 and top prizes starting at $1 million. Cumulative prizes often exceed $2 million, and sometimes reach $4 million.

  9. 吸烟会增加罹患肺癌的风险Smoking Causes Lung Cancer


    Studies indicate that smokers face a 2 to 4 times greater risk of coronary heart disease and stroke compared to the general population, with a staggering 25 times higher likelihood of developing lung cancer.

    However, there is a silver lining: quitting smoking for only one year can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

  10. 维护大自然Wildlife Conservation


    Singapore is committed to preserving nature and promoting ecological stability, fostering an environment where wildlife can flourish in their natural habitats. This inclusive approach allows us to coexist with nature and collectively appreciate the beauty of our land.

  11. 气候变化将带来灾害Climate Change and Disaster


    At a climate conference in Abu Dhabi on July 1, 2019, UN Secretary-General Guterres cautioned that climate change-induced disasters like floods, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, and superstorms are happening globally on a weekly basis, surpassing scientists' predictions.

  12. 因保安理由哈莉玛总统将搬出组屋President Halimah's Heartland Home


    Singapore's first female president, Halima Yacob, initially planned to stay in her Yishun HDB flat but eventually moved to the Istana following the Home Affairs Ministry's suggestion.

  13. 野猪袭人案频发 该如何防身?Ban on Feeding Wildlife


    In early March 2022, there were three recorded incidents of wild boars injuring people at Yishun, prompting the National Park Board to temporarily close Yishun Park for the capture of the animals. This drew public attention to the recurring issue of wildlife intrusion.

  14. 乌节路禁烟后Smoking Ban at Orchard Road


    From 1 January 2019, all public areas in Orchard Road have been designated as no-smoking areas. Smokers can only light up in specific smoking zones. Offenders may be fined.

  15. 鼓励年长者继续工作 两计划延至2025年Employment Rate of Senior Workers Rose


    The employment rate of older employees in Singapore is increasing. Currently, 70.6% of individuals aged 55 to 64 remain employed, compared to 67.6% in 2019. Similarly, the employment rate for individuals aged 65 to 69 has risen to 47.5% from 44.6%.

  16. 退休警犬军犬可随训犬员在组屋生活HDB-Approved Military Dogs Up for Adoption

    住在组屋的新加坡警察部队和民防部队K-9警犬单位,以及新加坡武装部队军事工作犬单位(Military Working Dogs)的训犬员,能领养体型比一般流浪狗大的退休灵犬。

    Dog trainers from Singapore's Police Force, Civil Defence Force, and Military Working Dogs Unit can adopt retired sniffer dogs in HDB flats. These dogs are larger than typical strays.

  17. 违例出租组屋情况屡禁止Unauthorised HDB Flat Rental


    The issue of illegal subletting of HDB flats has escalated. This is partly driven by homeowners illicitly subletting their flats to tourists for short-term stays.

  18. 快餐店停止供应吸管后Say No To Straws


    Since June 2018, fast food chain KFC has stopped supplying free plastic cup lids and straws to diners at its 84 outlets in Singapore. KFC expects to reduce its use of ready-to-use plastic products by 17.8 tonnes annually.

  19. 冰川融化造成海平面上升Melting Glaciers and Rise Sea Level


    Rising temperatures exacerbate climate change impacts, posing risks to low-lying island nations like Singapore due to rising sea levels.

  20. Ho!Ho!Ho!

    圣诞老人的精神The Spirit of Santa Claus


    Santa Claus is more than 1,700 years old, yet he still appears to be high-spirited and full of positivity. Is this because he only has to work for one month every year?

  21. 组屋底层休息平台装满铁制扶手 居民感疑惑HDB Void Deck Railings


    Public places require regulations to uphold order and ensure public safety. However, it's enjoyable to embrace creativity occasionally, as long as it doesn't affect others!

  22. 受影响屋主可获SERS 同等赔偿配套与搬迁福利HDB SERS


    Housing developments often displace wildlife from their longstanding habitats in the woods. Developers may have to provide significant compensation if wild animals could defend their rights.

  23. 野生动物要“进城”Human-Wildlife Conflict in Singapore


    Urbanization is causing the convergence of wildlife and human activity areas, leading to multiple overlaps. Just as we dislike wildlife invading our private space, it is essential to refrain from encroaching on their habitats and consuming their resources.

  24. 骨痛热症Dengue Fever


    Vicious dogs may bite, but Aedes aegypti mosquitoes pose a similar threat. Preventing mosquito breeding grounds at home is crucial to avoid dengue fever.

  25. 水獭频繁出现在人类活动区Otters Invading Residential Areas


    In 2022, Minister for National Development Desmond Lee revealed that there are 10 otter families identified in Singapore.

  26. 劳务中介协会与培训机构合作为女佣提供护理培训Skills Development & Recognition for Domestic Workers


    Supporting the professional development of domestic helpers in Singapore is important. Domestic helpers can attend training courses on Sundays to enhance their knowledge and skills, covering areas like dealing with children's emergencies and preparing confinement meals for new mothers.

  27. “田园区”新镇 住家门外可自种花果蔬菜The First Housing District In Tengah With Farm Features


    Tengah is HDB's newest town development following Punggol New Town and has 42,000 residential units. Tengah will be divided into 5 distinct residential districts, namely the Park District, Garden District, Plantation District, Brickland District, and Forest Hill District.

  28. 鸽患迫切须解决Pigeon Control


    Bird overpopulation can be a nuisance. Two pigeons can multiply to 260 in just two years. Mixing birth control pills with bird feed is a humane method of population control.

  29. 平和心态Peace of Mind


    Have friends who constantly show off their superiority? Stay peaceful and prioritize good health above all.

  30. 野猪出没Wild Boar Invading Residential Area


    The National Parks Board frequently advises the public to exercise caution in areas inhabited by wild boars and avoid approaching or feeding them. When it comes to gropers, it becomes more difficult to avoid them as they can appear indistinguishable from regular individuals.

  31. 美化市容City Beautification


    Each day, waste is generated by people, and even nature contribute unwanted fallen leaves. It is important to show recognition and gratitude towards our committed cleaners who work tirelessly to enhance the aesthetics of our city.

  32. “安行街道” 让公众安心出行Age-Friendly Community


    Given the increasing number of elderly individuals using mobility devices for commuting, it may be necessary to strengthen traffic control on roads and in neighborhood facilities.

  33. 骨痛热症Dengue Fever


    Dengue fever cases have remained high, reaching 32,175 in 2022. To prevent mosquito breeding, removing stagnant water and maintaining good sanitation are essential.

  34. 婴儿潮Singapore’s Birth Rate


    From 1946 to 1964, the baby boom era witnessed high birth rates and larger families in Singapore. However, this trend has since ceased to exist in recent times.

  35. 世界无烟日World Smoke-Free Day


    World Smoke-free Day (31st May) brings awareness to the detrimental effects of tobacco on human health and the environment. The tobacco industry plays a significant role in global pollution, underscoring the need for action and awareness.